Web Content & Development

Hosting Management, SSL installations, CMS Admin, Ecommerce, SEO, Analytics

I have been building and designing websites for employers and freelance projects for over ten years. I work directly with my clients to manage the hosting environment, content, branding and to create an intuitive user interface. My designs are responsive, accessible and cross browser compliant.

Ecommerce Admin, Hosting, Content & Marketing

Client: Adenine Design Photography - This is my own, personal project.
Job: The "client" needed an ecommerce site for hundreds of photos that needed to be uploaded in bulk with product variations, and promoted through digital marketing strategies.
Solution: Magento is a perfect platform for this type of ecommerce site. I was able to set up the host and integrate an extension module to import product listing data, including downloadable links enabled at purchase, customized options to purchase variations of the product with individual pricing, and content for the product description fields.
Pain Point: Because this is a side project, the budget is limited. The Ads marketing goal ROI will be met when the site sells fifteen items every month.
My Role: I did everything here. This is my photography, content and web design. I was able to create all the image graphics for the product customizations using Photoshop's automate function that batched the photo edits and churned out hundreds of graphic representations of the purchasing options. I am also managing Google Ads campaigns.
Results: The site is functional and ready for ecommerce!

WordPress CMS Admin, Magento Ecommerce Admin & Content

Client: Live Pure, Inc is a start-up manufacturer of environmental testing products.
Job: I was hired as an ecommerce manager and tasked with selecting the website build, setting it up and building out content. My team collaborated to create the branding, product configurations, content, and SOPs for manufacturing, client management and sales procedures and everything else as we imagined scenarios for the potential for explosive growth.
Solution: I chose Magento because of its ecommerce potential. We needed a website that could manage customer accounts securely and one that had the potential to add any number of new products or product configurations. We eventually made the decision as a team to add the WordPress CMS to the site so that other members of the team could edit content with a more user-friendly interface.
Pain Point: Magento has a bit of a learning curve and team members were not able to interact with it as easily as we had hoped. We eventually made the decision as a team to bring SalesForce and MailChimp on board to more intuitively manage automated email marketing and customer service records. Another issue with this brand-new company, with its brand-new product, was brand recognition and marketing to build a client base, as well as marketing goals for ROI.
My Role: Not only did I manage the website and content, but I also managed product photography and content graphics for the site and marketing for the company. I managed social media content and the analytics account to report progress. I worked directly with clients to interpret their lab data, created their presentations and provided feedback as needed. I also assembled kits and managed sales and shipping.
Results: The team at Live Pure, Inc is the most collaborative team I've ever worked with. We built a company together.

Web Design & Content, Ecommerce

Client: Quality Automotive Accessories, Inc is a small manufacturer of automotive accessory products selling nationally, both B2b and B2C.
Job: I was hired as the web developer with additional light office duties.
Solution: I updated the qaa.com website with a whole new design. As a member of the office team, I interacted with clients and managed sales, returns and customer complaints.
Pain Point: When I came onboard, product descriptions were written in a char limited code that the team had invented. It was unreadable without a key. Also, product listings, data records and content were outdated, inaccurate and spread out among several sources.
My Role: I managed online sales accounts in collaboration with my colleague. I managed product photography and graphics creation for the website and marketing collateral. I also re-wrote the product descriptions into readable content for use in online sales avenues, and brought together all the product data into a single, sortable spreadsheet for the sales team to access. I created sell sheets and other marketing collateral.
Results: Quality Auto continues to build brand recognition and increase their online sales revenue stream.

Web Design & Content, Digital Marketing

Client: Keystone Press (current employer) is an industrial printing company that has been in business since 1915.
Job: I was hired on as a web developer with digital marketing goals and graphic design skills. Keystone Press employs a printing industry specific website platform that allows for unlimited, individually branded, online ordering portals to be created for our clients. It is my job to build these out.
Solution: Pressero is a product of the company Aleyant. It employs another Aleyant product called eDocBuilder that works with Adobe Acrobat form builder, and provides an interface for clients to input variable data like names, job titles and other individualizations to a stationery product.
Pain Point: Keystone Press and our sister company, Town & Country Reprographics, have not historically been marketed online. The social media platforms, analytics accounts and email contacts lists all need to be revived and nurtured.
My Role: I have been tasked with updating and maintaining website content, working with clients to build out ordering portals and all digital marketing endeavors.
Results: Keystone Press is steadily building a social media following as I interact with the accounts and post engaging content. We are experiencing steadily increasing audiences as indicated by the analytics data, and in response to Google Ads campaigns I am managing.

Website Design & Content

Client: Fiddlin' Bill is a local area folk musician.
Job: This is a freelance project.
Solution: Bill needed a portfolio website that was very basic.
My Role: I built out the design and content with the information Bill provided. This site was built on an html5up template.
Results: The website is an informational reference for Bill's audience and hiring opportunities.

HTML/CSS/Js/Responsive Design

Client: Minor Acres Farm is a small, suburban farm that intends to demonstrate the successes of permaculture and sustainable living practices.
Job: This is a personal project.
Solution: The farm needed a space online to encourage reach and audience.
Pain Point: Because the design is photo heavy, load time is an issue. The next iteration may be less photographic and more operational, in terms of what the content reflects.
My Role: I built out the design and content with my own photography and access to the efforts in progress. This site is hand-coded currently, but the re-design is in process!
Results: The website is an portfolio that demonstrates the processes involved, and practical applications of sustainable living for everyone.